13th Annual Rouge Roubaix, March 13, 2011

Donald Davis – 1st Place, Masters 45+
Johnny Brizzard – 2nd Place, Cat 3-4

Course: 106 miles with 3 gravel sections, 2nd dirt section is a 1.5 mile climb.

Team Racers and WFW members attending:
Donald Davis, Doug Schroeder, Destry Lebrun, Darryl Williams, Ty Turbyfill, Shane Hicks, Johnny Brizzard, Stephen Hyde, Gene McBrien, Michael McBrien, Cody Duffy, Cody Brooke, Joe Damaso, Scott Borne, Shawn Dobbs

Masters Recap:
10 riders from other teams get in a breakaway at mile one. With the help of two riders from Team Fishhouse, Team Subaru chased. Going into the first gravel section, Subaru was EXACTLY where we planned to be, up front and attentive. Don pretty much lead the group thru this gravel section at a pace that was not exhausting to him but strong enough that no one tried to escape. As expected, the separations began. A field of 90+ riders, going into the dirt section was demolished to a field of 25 as we exited. Unfortunately we lost Ty to a flat, and Shane due to the work performed earlier in the race. We exited the first dirt section still in need of a big effort to bring back the break. As soon as the remaining 25 had eaten and tucked away the food collected at the feed zone, Team Subaru put their heads down until we slowly brought back the break at about mile 59, 3 short miles before the second dirt section and BIG HILL. The effort to bring the break back exhausted Darryl, Doug and Destry to the point that our race was effectively done at the bottom of the hill. Don took over and shot up the hill in first place capturing the bonus as the “King of the hill”, but not before crashing and breaking the right side of his handlebars just above the brake lever. With broken handlebars that rendered his rear brake useless, Don pressed on and made it to the last dirt section at 85 miles by himself. Somewhere in the last dirt section, he crashed at the bottom of a screaming downhill due to the lack of a back brake. Battered with a nasty dirt road rash on his right forearm, motivated by the thought of riding in his sister’s memory, Don picked up his broken bike, clipped back in and raced to a Masters 45+ well-deserved VICTORY.