If you haven’t come out to the Thursday night ride at Ellyson Field, you are missing out! Every Thursday evening, through the summer, there is criterium-style racing and riding at Ellyson Industrial Park (directions).

You don’t have to be a Cat-1 racer to enjoy yourself. There are several groups that start lapping the course around 5:00pm at an easy pace, while others will begin closer to 6:00pm. It’s a short course, so you can take it easy for as many laps as you like and then turn on the gas when you want to. We’ve even had some young riders come out to take advantage of the easy, low-traffic course. You can spend the entire evening spinning, or take part in the occasional sprints for weekly bragging rights.*

The course itself is 1.4 miles with multiple corners – perfect for honing those bike handling skills. You can get in or get out as often as you like (just don’t interfere with people who are engaged in a sprint for the ultimate prize).

A few notes about this ride:

  • Please don’t park in the roadway on the course. The preferred parking lot is here.
  • Make sure to bring enough water since there are no facilities in Ellyson Park
  • Legal disclaimer: This is a spontaneous, self run ride, with no leader, no prize money, no promoter, no entry fee, and no promise of free beer. It is on open streets with (limited) car and truck traffic.

The ride is open to everyone with a bike and a helmet.  Please ride responsibly. We hope to see you out there!

*Value of bragging rights varies based on skill level of those at the line.