Team Subaru

The WFW are hosts to the Anderson Subaru Cyclones Race Team.

Team Subaru is made up of a variety of racers from juniors to Cat 2,3,4s, and masters. The team participates in races across Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and throughout the southeast. Our home race is the annual Pensacola Cycling Classic.

You can follow the team on the racing section of website to hear about events and race results.

  • annette grow
    #1 written by annette grow 1 year ago

    The Frazier cycling coach in Mobile, Alabama had to drop the team. While the juniors really like the Atlanta team, it is really far. Would you send info juniors? We have three juniors here that might need to be place on a team.

    • The President
      #2 written by The President 4 months ago

      Hi Annette,
      I’m really sure what you are asking for here, please elaborate. I am looking at creating a Youth training group within the Wheelmen but this has not been done to date.

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