For directions or questions on any listed ride contact the Ride Leader. Don”t forget that helmets are mandatory on all WFW club rides. Come join us on our rides. The future is no place to keep your better cycling days!

Ride distances are approximate. Some riders only do portions of the longer rides. We stop every 20-25 miles for rest stops and ensure all riders are safe. We ensure all riders know the route and wait at turns for all to re-group. Our hope is to provide rides for all levels of riders and their various desires for pace and distance. New host sites and routes are always welcome. You can select the distance and pace.

RIDE PACES: Average speed of a completed ride

  • Very Fast: 25+ MPH
  • Fast-Very Fast: 22-25 MPH
  • Fast: 22 MPH
  • Moderate-Fast: 18-22 MPH
  • Moderate: 18 MPH
  • Slow-Moderate: 15-18 MPH
  • Slow: less then 15 MPH

Below are some of our common routes. See the ride calendar for upcoming rides.

Click on any of the links to view the route maps

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